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Our Philosophy:

We offer a solid solution for a lasting result that is concrete. Concrete is the foundation on which our modern world depends. From the delicate, decorative aspects of a patio, to the solid building foundation, SC can transform the concrete and landscape into one of intention, design, and timelessness. Specializing in concrete, throughout Tulsa, and the Metro areas, allows for a wide variety of experiences and of people who are patrons of SC. Many happy customers and referrals are spreading the word, as referrals are our main source of project leads. Good workmanship, on time delivery, and a fair price. So, we thank each new customer for the opportunity to serve with the assurance, that we do what is right, each time, with integrity, exactness, craftsmanship, and a sharp keen sense for each individual project.

Our Services:

"Just Call for the friendly concrete man, Sol-SC has one phone number and he answers it! No Job Too Small, very few are Too Big."

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Concrete : All Types of residential concrete.
Dirt Work : All Types of grading, digging, sloping, trenching, leveling
Demolition : Removal of old concrete, or other "we can get it gone."
Hauling : We can bring in fill material, topsoil, gravel/rock, sand, mulch.
Forming : Building that form-work, layout which becomes the 'patio, sidewalk, driveway, foundation'.
Steel : We tie steel re-bar into concrete for superior durability.
Finishing : Known for our excellent surface finishes, from the decorative concrete, to the smooth garage floor, or the traditional exterior driveway brushed finish.
Cutting : Placing cuts into concrete is essential for removal, installation of new concrete, or the 'scoring' of a pattern on the surface for an accented look.
Staining : Stained concrete with a water-based stain, or and acid based stain.
Sealing : Oil or water based sealers are available for that surface seal.
Landscaping : Yard grading and sod placement.
Interiors : Surface overlays, micro-toppings and concrete floor painting, epoxy floor coatings.
Concrete Polishing : We can polish, hone, grind, or resurface and buff, that concrete.
"Just about anything in concrete"

Other Itemized Services:
● Patios ● Sealing
● Sidewalks ● Staining
● Steps ● Grinding Honing
● Curbing ● Stone Masonry
● Stem Walls ● Sod Landscaping
● Footings ● Pergolas
● Drainage Control ● Trellis
● French Drains ● Decks
● Additions ● Fencing
● Driveways ● Demolition Replacement
● Parking Lots

Contractor for sidewalk and patio services in Tulsa and Broken Arrow

About Sol-Co Concrete & Contracting, Inc.

Sol-Co is a custom concrete contracting company located in Tulsa. Serving Mid-Town, and all the surrounding areas.

Owner Solomon Mitchek and his team have the expert knowledge and experience of concrete and the many aspects related to concrete, to get a solid solution. You better call Sol-Co, Green Country's friendly concrete craftsman, to help make your next concrete project strong, durable and timeless.

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